Q: How Do I Contact Quick Mobile Fix?

A: You can email us at recycling@quickmobilefix.com

Q: How Much Does It Cost To Send My Device To You?

A: Nothing, when you select our free postage label option at checkout you will be sent a free post label by email once you have completed the order (UK customers only).

Q: How Long Is My Offer Valid For?

A: Your offer is valid for 14 days, after this period we have the right to change the offer. 

Q: Where Can I Track My Order?

A: You can track your order here via our Recycle Tracker.

Q: I Have Placed An Order But Have Not Received A Confirmation Email?

A: Sorry to hear this, please email recycling@quickmobilefix.com.

Q: I Have Selected The Trade Option When Will I Receive My New Device?

A: Your traded device will be sent out once we have received your device via post and it has been fully tested, meeting the requirements. 

Q: I Have Selected The Bank Transfer Option, How Long Will I Have To Wait Until I Get The Money In My Account?

A: Once we have received your device and it has passed our testing process you will receive the money in your bank account within 5-10 working days. Please note the testing process can take up to 5-10 working days, depending on busier periods of the year. We aim to test as quickly as possible. 

Q. What Should I Include With My Device?

A:  We just need the device with its battery. 

Q: Should I Remove My Sim Card Before Sending My Device To You?

A: Yes please make sure your sim card is removed before sending your device to us. 

Q: What Is An IMEI Number And How Do I Find It?

A: You can find out what an IMEI number is and how to find it by reading this article.

Q: Do You Accept Stolen Phones?

A: No, all phones received are checked via CheckMEND which is a crime protection database. If at any time the device is reported Lost or Stolen you agree to co-operate with us fully.All details for lost or stolen devices may be supplied to law enforcement bodies or debt recovery if return payment has not been made.